Media Relations
The Bachelorette- Julie Melanson

Disability Health Research Network
on contract: 2 years

The DHRN's focus was to provide opportunities for its members to network. Sending out a newsletter provided stories of projects that members were working on, funding opportunities and other useful resources.

The Bachelorette- Julie Melanson

The University of Waikato, New Zealand
Three month Contract

As one of my first writinig projects, it seemed daunting at first. I had to liaise with every department to ensure their schools information was correct. My top priority with this project was to make the guide user friendly for new students to be able to find the information easily. This was done by dividing the guide into sections and writing the information in a simple layout format.

The Bachelorette- Julie Melanson

Search Engine Optimization

As business was slow with the economic turndown, Bioharmony asked Ingenius Web Design what they could do to improve their traffic on their site. Working with Ingenius the site was re-written in an easy to read format, so that users would find the information quickly. Key words and appropriate metatags were added to improve search engine results.